Speakers and Guests

Friday Night Keynote: Jim Cornett
The Roadrunner: Almost Human

The Roadrunner is the best- known bird in America says Jim Cornett. He should know. He has studied the chicken-sized cuckoo for 15 years and is sharing what he has learned in presentations and in his book The Greater Roadrunner, now in a new and expanded second edition. Desert aficionados are probably aware that roadrunners readily consume venomous creatures including rattlesnakes, black widows and scorpions. What is less well known is roadrunners are much better runners than flyers, readily enter homes, mate for life and offer gifts as a prelude to mating. They are, in this regard, almost human.

The Friday evening keynote address and social is open to all festival registrants.

Thursday Night Presentation: Alex Harper
Birds of the Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert is just one of four distinct deserts in North America. Unique climatic and geographical factors have helped to set this desert apart from the Sonoran, Chihuahuan and Great Basin Deserts and influence the animals and plants diversity that we find in the Mojave. Take a closer look at the biogeography of the desert of the Joshua Trees, with a focus on the bird life found throughout the year and various plant communities that make up the Mojave Desert. We will explore how birds migrate, feed, winter and breed in this landscape.

The Thursday night presentation and social is open to all festival registrants.

Saturday Evening Presentation: Martin Tyner
Birds of Prey of the West

This program will present the differences between, hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures and owls through fun stories using beautiful photographs taken by Martin. The presentation will include several live raptors including his prairie falcon “Cirrus” or “Piper”, “Belle” the Harris Hawk, and “Scout” the golden eagle. 


The Saturday evening presentation will be open to the general public as a way to help introduce birding to the widest possible audience.

Featured Artist: Kimberly Beck

Featured Photographer: Brady Iverson

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