Spring. Birding.
Greater Zion.

Where the beauty of the birds

is matched only by the beauty of the scenery.

April 27 - 29, 2023

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Quick Guide to Tours and Events

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Evening Speakers

Alex Harper
Thursday Evening Speaker

A board member of the Red Rock Audubon Society, (Las Vegas), trip leader for Bird Las Vegas, and naturalist for Lindblad Expeditions. He aims to connect people to birds and the natural world through leading birding activities, nature-based mindfulness practices in urban and suburban settings, and contributive writing. He will be speaking on "Birds of the Mojave Desert: A Profile of Desert Biogeography"

James Cornett
Friday Evening Keynote

With forty-three science and natural history books to his credit, author James W. Cornett is one of the Southwest’s best-known naturalists and first desert ecologist to have visited all nine of the world’s great deserts. His presentation, "The Roadrunner: Almost Human" where he will share his 15 years of research on this chicken-sized cuckoo. His book, The Greater Roadrunner, is now in a new and expanded second edition.

Martin Tyner
Saturday Community Event

Martin Tyner is a federally licensed falconer, eagle falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, wildlife propagator, and wildlife and environmental educator. He is the founder of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah, a non-profit wildlife rescue, wildlife and environmental education organization. He has been providing wildlife and environmental programs throughout the western United States for over forty years. He will be bringing several of his live raptors for his talk, "Birds of Prey of the West"

Bird of the Year

Green-tailed Towhee

Congratulations to the winners of our Bird of the Year contest! Our bird is indeed the Green-tailed Towhee. This bird is a migrant that arrives in Greater Zion in the early part of April and can be found on nearly every tour during the festival; from the low Mojave of Lytle Ranch to the high elevations of Lava Point.

Learn more about our Bird of the Year here!

(c) Darren Clark

Host Hotel for the Festival

Our host hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn in St. George, Utah. As participants in the festival you can receive a discount on the hotel room by using the button link below. We encourage you to book your rooms early as Spring is a very popular time in Greater Zion.